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Technologies - Opensource

Fortune Info Solutions has a team of Open source enthusiasts with extensive experience in building applications based on Open source platform. The team actively follows progress of various Open source technologies to help customer leverage on proven systems. Fortune Info Solutions has successfully executed several projects with different complexities and sizes (1-6 person years) on LAMP and other Open source technologies such as Perl, Ruby and Python.

Designing and building E- Commerce Applications Fortune Info Solutions has experience in developing e-commerce product with expertise on Ecommerce framework using PHP which is the most comprehensive and popular open source shopping cart system in existence. 

Websites & Web Applications Fortune Info Solutions has experience in developing and reengineering web sites and web applications using PHP having rich UI experience using latest technologies like AJAX, Web 2.0. Fortune Info Solutions has experience in developing the applications using MVC architecture. Fortune Info Solutions has used CakePHP & Symphony frameworks for development projects.

Web Services Fortune Info Solutions has experience in creating Web services and calling web service using php Nusoap library and also has good knowledge of WSDL. Fortune Info Solutions has experience in implementing web services API like outlook reader (mails, calendar, and contact), Yahoo maps, Google maps. 

Reporting Fortune Info Solutions has experience in developing reports using various Open source technologies in different formats like RTF, Excel, CSV, PDF.

Database design
Database design team in Fortune Info Solutions is involved in design, deployment, capacity planning and performance tuning of large databases having more than 1000 database objects. Some of the features used in MySQL are:

  • MySQL Query cache
  • MyIsam/InnoDB storage engines
  • Enhanced FULLTEXT search properties
  • Internationalization
  • MySQL Clustering

Use of localization support provided in MySQL for Application Development in several Languages like Czech, Danish, Dutch, English to name a few.
Performance tuning
Fortune Info Solutions can improve performance of the database after benchmarking. Fortune Info Solutions considers various factors like Memory usage, file system, buffer, Cache, file and disk layout while tuning the performance
Replication, Backup & Recovery
Fortune Info Solutions realizes the need for load balancing, anticipation of disaster, data proximity, stage testing, availability and backup facilitation to implement replication and backup and recovery system. Based on the nature of deployment Fortune Info Solutions can implement various replication topologies like Master/ Slaves, Dual-Master, Multi-Master "Ring" or Mix and Match.

Fortune Info Solutions has developed many web based applications using Apache Web Server which supports scripting languages like PHP, Perl, Python etc.

Custom Apache module development Fortune Info Solutions has hands on experience in building Apache modules or extension providing interfaces to other systems using C.

Apart from strong expertise in PHP, Fortune Info Solutions also has experience in other similar scripting languages and tools Fortune Info Solutions has extensively used PERL, Ruby, Python scripts for activities such as

  • Development and Enhancements of utilities for data validation workflow
  • Test Automation scripts
  • Data porting, schedulers and cron jobs

Web Tools Fortune Info Solutions has good experience in building web applications using Ruby on Rails framework.

Technologies Enterprise JAVA
Java EE, Web / Rich Internet Applications, Open Source (Spring, Hibernate), SOA, ESB, SOAP/REST, OSGi, SWT, Eclipse

Rich Internet Applications
HTML 5, GWT, Sencha extJS, Dojo, Adobe Flash / Flex, jQuery, Data Vizualization and Charts

Microsoft Technologies
C#, ASP.NET, WebForms, Silverlight, WPF, WCF, WF, SharePoint, MS SQL Server / SSIS / SSAS / SSRS, Visual Studio, TFS

Linux, low-level programming, PHP, Perl, MySQL, Apache, Memcache, Zend, Apache, Varnish

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